Coir Substrate

Coir pith 5kg Block

Coco peat is washed,dried & compressed into 5 kg blocks. Coco peat fiber has a unique ability to withstand high compaction force without leaving its rigid structure. Hydrate the blocks slowly by using ~25 liters of water and allow the moisture to be fully absorbed. Once the block is completely reconstituted to get the yield 70 – 75 liters. Now you are ready to use it to improve your potting soils or use as a 100% soil less growing medium. Raw materials: coco pith 90% + short fiber 10% Sieving: 1mm to 6mm. Particles below 1mm are rejected Drying: Sun drying

Coir pith 1kg Block

Sri Vari Exports highly-demanded product is compactable 1 kg block which absorbs about 11 - 12 liters of water. These are miniature blocks & bricks available for retail outlets, home gardens, horticulture supplies and for producing heat. They are excellent for propagation, soil aeration and seed germination, bulbs and tubers.

Coco Peat- Briquettes

Coco peat Briquettes are made by compressing coconut husk. Coco peat briquettes find application in nurseries, home gardens, green houses and farming communities. They are also used for fueling the fire or to start the fire as coco peat is highly flammable. They are also used as soil bed under greenhouse conditions.

Coco peat Disk

In some cases growers prefer to use plastic/mud pots instead of plastic bags. For those growers we have developed a coco products which are available in different sizes.

  • Our Discs consist of compacted coco fiber, a very successful and innovative growing medium.
  • They are much coarser than normal coco and thus has far more air spaces within the pot.
  • Expands when water is added and can be broken apart for easy distribution among nursery pots.
  • They are natural alternative to weed control thus reduces spraying expensive/dangerous herbicides.
We can Produce peat disks Diameter Sizes 2cm, 4cm, 5cm, 8cm etc. and different weights and volume according to buyers requirements.