Shade net

We provide extensive range of shade nets which protects trees and plants from extreme weather conditions. These are effectively used in plant nurseries, greenhouses, poly houses, orchards, shade houses, tea estates etc. We use only 100% UV treated HDPE for long life.
Right choice of shade net determines the amount of light intrusion and need of photosynthesis, That is the reason to choose right choice of shade nets for optimum photosynthesis. We Sri Vari Exports provide you following selection of agro shade nets for various purposes
Roses, Strawberries. Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber and fruit bearing plants can sustain well under 35% shade netting.
Plants that grow under partial light like general Pot and foliage plants and Cut greens, Orchids, Anthuriums, Ginger,
and other flowering pot plants use of 50% shade nets.
Plants that grow under extreme low light like Indoor plants, certain Orchids, plantation crops, Tea, Coffee,
Cardamom, we suggest 75% agro shade nets.It is also useful in summer to reduce the light level of some general purpose crops in certain geographic regions.
The 95% shade nets are used in Cattle sheds, Poultry houses, Construction Scaffolding and vehicular shades.

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Type Shade Net 90% Shade Net 75% Shade Net 50% Shade Net 35%
Product Name Shade net 90% Shade net 75% Shade net 50% Shade net 35%
Sunlight intrusion 10% 25% 50% 65%
Length 50 meter 50 meter 50 meter 50 meter
Width 2,3,4,6 meter 2,3,4,6 meter 2,3,4,6 meter 2,3,4,6 meter
Thickness 135 gsm 115 gsm 85 gsm 60 gsm
Colour Green/Black Green/Black Green/Black Green/Black
Material UV treated HDPE UV treated HDPE UV treated HDPE UV treated HDPE
One bale 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 8 pieces
Load ability in 20 feet container 75 bales (50×3 size) 90 bales (50×3 size) 100 bales (50×3 size) 120 bales (50×3 size)
Total weight ~4100 Kgs ~4400 Kgs ~4700 Kgs ~4900Kgs