Coir pith 1kg Block

Sri Vari Exports highly-demanded product is compactable 1 kg block which absorbs about 11 - 12 liters of water. These are miniature blocks & bricks available for retail outlets, home gardens, horticulture supplies and for producing heat. They are excellent for propagation, soil aeration and seed germination, bulbs and tubers.

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Type Coco Peat- Block 1kg
Size 18*18*10cm ± 2mm
Weight 1kg ± 100g
Electrical Conductivity 0.5ms/cm
pH 5.2 to 6.8
Expansion 11 to 12 liters
Load Ability 25 tons in 40feet HC container
12.5 tons in 20feet HC container
No. of Pallets 20 pallets in 40ft HC container
10 pallets in 20ft HC container
No. of pieces/Pallet 1250 pieces
Packing Palletized with shrink film