Coir logs

  • Our coir logs can provide bedding for establishment of vegetation where the seedlings/cuttings can be planted in to log.
  • 100% environmental friendly and bio degradable.
  • Coir logs can be used to slow down the velocity of storm water thus reducing erosion.
  • We don’t add any animal ingredients in coir logs.
  • Compacted coir fiber cores provides superior filtration.
  • Coir logs are used on steep slopes and high tide areas which cause instability on sites.

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Netting type Mesh coir netting
Inner core 100% mattress grade cocnut cutfibre
Outer netting 4-5mm high strength coir netting
Shape of outer netting 2″ x 2″ rhobic shaped opening
Longevity Generally 2 -5 years depending on weather condition
Packing Ploy bag/cling wrap
Log diameter(cm) Log length(m) Pieces in 40ft container
30 3 250
40 3 140
50 3 80