Coir Fiber- Brown

We are one of the producers of high quality coir fiber in the industry. The individual fiber cells are narrow and hollow, with thick walls made of cellulose. Mature coir fibers contain more lignin and less cellulose than fibers such as flax and cotton and so are stronger but less flexible. The coir fiber is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. They are widely utilized for the stuffing and puffing of furniture. It is also commonly used in packing industry for the purpose as the base to safeguard and protect delicate products as coir fiber are perfect shock absorber. More over coir fiber is also used in the processing of handicrafts items and ropes.

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Type Coir Fiber- Brown
Impurity <3%
Length 4cm to 10 cm 60% 10cm to 15cm 40%
Color Brown
Moisture Less than 15%
Impurities Less than 2%
Load ability 185 – 187 Bales
Load Ability 22 tons in 40feet HC container
Bale weight 115kg to 120kg
Packing Tightly steel strapped bale

*All Specifications can be customized as per requirement. All dimensions are approximate