Coco peat Disk

In some cases growers prefer to use plastic/mud pots instead of plastic bags. For those growers we have developed a coco products which are available in different sizes.

  • Our Discs consist of compacted coco fiber, a very successful and innovative growing medium.
  • They are much coarser than normal coco and thus has far more air spaces within the pot.
  • Expands when water is added and can be broken apart for easy distribution among nursery pots.
  • They are natural alternative to weed control thus reduces spraying expensive/dangerous herbicides.
We can Produce peat disks Diameter Sizes 2cm, 4cm, 5cm, 8cm etc. and different weights and volume according to buyers requirements.

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Type Coco Peat- Disk Coco Peat- Disk
Size (Dia*Thick*Weight) 100mm*25mm*100gm 60mm*14mm*25gm
Compression ratio 8:1 8:1
Water absorption 1.5 L 0.25 L
pH 5.2 to 6.8 5.2 to 6.8
Expansion 70 to 80 liters 70 to 80 liters
Moisture 10 to 15% 10 to 15%
Load Ability 20 tons in 40feet HC container 20 tons in 40feet HC container
10 tons in 20feet HC container 10 tons in 20feet HC container
No. of pieces per box 200 pieces 400 pieces
No. of box per pallet 36 box 36 box