Coco Peat- Briquettes

Coco peat Briquettes are made by compressing coconut husk. Coco peat briquettes find application in nurseries, home gardens, green houses and farming communities. They are also used for fueling the fire or to start the fire as coco peat is highly flammable. They are also used as soil bed under greenhouse conditions.

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Type Coco Peat- Briquettes
Size 20*10*5cm±2mm
Weight 650g±50g
Compression ratio 5:1
Electrical Conductivity 0.5ms/cm
pH 5.2 to 6.8
Expansion 8 to 9 liters
Moisture 10 to 15%
Load Ability 20 tons in 40feet HC container
10 tons in 20feet HC container
No. of Pallets 20 pallets in 40ft HC container
10 pallets in 20ft HC container
No. of pieces/Pallet 2000 pieces
Packing Palletized with shrink film

# Individually packed in poly bags also available.
# Alternative packing options available as per customer requirement.